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Nearest Schools in Milpitas, CA

We’ve put together a list of the best schools around Milpitas, CA., which will be a significant factor when moving for families with kids to consider. If you need help determining which school is best for your kids, please contact us anytime!

Milpitas Montessori School
Phone: 408.263.0991

Monarch Christian Schools
Phone: 408.263.4840

Golden Harvest Montessori School
Phone: 408.719.1686

Curtner Elementary School
Phone: 408.635.2852
Primary school

Anthony Spangler Elementary
Phone: 408.635.2870
Primary school

Milpitas Unified School District
Phone: 408.635.2600
Elementary school

John Sinnott Elementary School
Phone: 408.635.2674
Elementary school

Stratford School
Phone: 408.539.1121
Elementary school

Marshall Pomeroy Elementary
Phone: 408.635.2858
Elementary school

Alexander Rose Elementary School
Phone: 408.635.2668
Elementary school

Joseph Weller Elementary School
Phone: 408.635.2876
Elementary school

Foothill SDA Elementary School
Phone: 408.263.2568
Elementary school

Rancho Milpitas Middle School
Phone: 408.635.2656
Middle school

Woodland School
Phone: 650.854.9065

Monarch academy
Phone: 408.263.4842

Milpitas Adult School
Phone: 408.635.2692

St. John the Baptist Catholic School
Phone: 408.262.8110
Catholic school

Calaveras Montessori School of Silicon Valley
Phone: 408.945.1331
Montessori school

Lang Learning Center
Phone: 408.946.8539
Private educational institution

Pearl Zanker Elementary School
Phone: 408.635.2882
School center

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